Would you like to be more aero?

Simple, raise your handlebars.

Seriously, a higher handlebar height can make you both more aerodynamic and more comfortable. You’ll probably even put out better power with less effort.

I know it sounds counterintuitive, but low handlebars only make the bike more aerodynamic. The largest and least aerodynamic item on your bike is you. Knowing this, you should approach your fit looking at what makes you more comfortable and aero.

Raising your bars allows you to bend over at the waist instead of rounding your back. It also allows your arms to bend. A straight back results in less back pain, better glute engagement and a more aero dynamic profile. Bent arms are also much more aerodynamic than straight arms. In fact, most riders can lean over more once their bars are higher. The higher position allows for your core muscles to take over the job your arms were doing.

Other added benefits are less hand pain and numbness and better pelvic alignment. Better pelvic alignment generally leads to better power output with less effort and who doesn’t want that?

If any of this sounds intriguing, schedule a bike fit with us at Latting Speed Shop. We even take appointments on Saturdays.