Ask an experienced cyclist the most important thing about a new bike – the answer is always the fit. This is why we offer a diverse array of brands and styles of bikes at Latting Speed Shop. Our deep pool of options allows us to match you with a bike that best accommodates your ideal riding position. If you get a new bike from LSS, you get a free in-depth fitting from Lynn Greer, our resident fit expert. There's just no way you're leaving here with a poorly fitting bike. Buy your bike somewhere else? No worries! We offer the same detailed body geometry based fit to everyone. 

So what is a body geometry based fit? Our fits start with a series of physical assessments so that we better understand your body’s strengths, posture and movement patterns. Once we understand how you move, we go to work getting your bike to match you and your athletic goals. Do your hands fall asleep? Having trouble breaking your maximum speed threshold? Are you struggling with neck pain or other recurring injuries? This is where a proper, professional bike fit can help. Everyone that has had a bike fit will tell you; comfort is speed (and fun!).

Lynn Greer has over thirty years of experience fitting bikes to every single kind of rider. Lynn made his bike fitting reputation in Nashville, TN as the owner of Gran Fondo Cycles. In addition to his considerable knowledge of bike geometry from working with iconic custom frame builders like Dario Pegoretti, Irio Tommasini, Aaron Barcheck, and Bob Parlee, Lynn is also a certified professional fitter

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner on the road, a triathlete or experienced road racer – we have the experience to find your solution to get you on the road. Book your bike fit today:

-Lynn Greer