November 6, 2023 ~ Jacob Penick

Dmitry's Look 795 Blade RS 2 Iconic

We've been so patient, man. Early 2023 was full of Look 795 Blade RS 2 spy shots. The following tour season was packed with Blade 2 stage wins. As 2023 marched on, we sat on our hands, only growing more eager to play with what was bound to be a 92-octane superbike. 

Our friend in NY, Dmitry, also had ants in his pants re: 795 Blade RS 2. We were thrilled when he asked us to build this Iconic Edition frameset to his specifications. Dura Ace shifty bits, Corima spinny bits and all the pulp to go along with the juice made for a bike we're proud to have sent into the universe.

We found the Blade 2 to be the stiffest bike we've ever worked with, head and shoulders stiffer than the preceding 795 Blade RS. If your aim is to be halfway through a pilsner when everybody else crosses the finish line, there may not be a better bike for the job.