April 18, 2024 ~ Jacob Penick

Mosaic RT-1d


Metal Bike? Must Be Heavy

Mosaic occupies a critical space in the bike industry. While other brands are bonding carbon, Mosaic is welding titanium and doing so according to each and every rider's distinct geometry needs. This RT-1d comes with a sensible mixture of strong double-butted and lightweight straight-gauge titanium tubing -- overall, it's astonishingly light. This bike, as pictured, with an aluminum cockpit and SRAM Rival drivetrain weighs only 17.5 lbs. Seventeen-point-five smackaroos. Pair that respectable weight with the ride quality of a welded bike and you find yourself at the Mosaic RT-1d, a bike dedicated to providing a ride experience so pure, so invigorating that you might be tempted to email *(typical big box bike brand)* and ask them why they haven't started making metal bikes yet. 

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Mosaic's Classic Platform

The RT-1d is a Road Bike. For any bicycle application involving a road that you can think of, the RT-1d is made for it. It's more than spry enough to race. There's a feeling with this bike of a wound spring underneath you, crammed with potential energy. A touch of pedal input and the spring springs. See, this is what happens when one tries to put words to the je nais se quois of titanium bikes -- you end up with goofy spring anologies and whatnot. Got a better analogy? Email me.

But really, whether you have race dates on the calendar or not, this bike is so happy to just carry you for hours and hours and hours. With titanium, you sacrifice no comfort in the name of speed and no speed in the name of comfort. Lob some 30c tires in there and every bump is muted, present still but dull. The sharp jounce of an intrusive root that has snaked its way under the greenline asphalt is gone, replaced by a gentle nudge. Less bumpage means you can carry your speed with less effort. 


That Color!

There are no standard colorways at Mosaic! Their raw titanium finishes are iconic, no doubt, but their paint studio has the dial on 11. They painted this frame for Bethann based solely on her vibe. Lo and behold, they nailed it. Left to their own devices, they create masterpieces. But, if you know exactly how you'd like your bike to look, they'll make it happen! Possibilities with Mosaic are limitless.